Brainhub as a Co-founder, software engineer

About Brainhub

Based in Sofia, Brainhub is a place where I had a chance to work with extremely positive human beings no matter how sad the external environment is.

We're a team of eccentrics, developing the future using tech according to our ideas.

We believe that the future is the result of the today's hard work.

My role

I joined Brainhub in Sep-Oct 2016, after my 1st year in Sofia University.

During the last 4 years I have been working on a lot of internal & external projects. We were prototyping a lot of our ideas and were helping other people to implement their ideas into the reality.

My main responsibility was to engineer & implement solutions in the most effective way we can. Due to a lot of differences between ideas & related fields, I was choosing & trying different technologies to suit prototype needs.

Unfortunately, as you can see on our Facebook page, we had to make an extremely difficult decision on Sep 15, 2020:

Today we're announcing that BrainHub is closing its doors indefinitely.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure.

🤗 I'll never forget how much effort & time was invested from each member of our team.

Time invested: > 4 years.

I was made with in Ukraine