Realtime media streaming project


Realtime media streaming project as a Software Engineer

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Can't tell much, but we built the whole media streaming prototype in less than 2 months.

My responsibilities in the project were:

  • build a stable WebRTC two-way media & data communication between a specific IoT device and web clients
  • come up with a good architecture & find tools for our goals
  • select & setup the right media bridge (like jitsi-videobridge)
  • stream good quality audio / video media from IoT cameras
  • send & recv data / commands to the IoT device using datachannel
  • build a native WebRTC client for the IoT device
  • build a client for web browsers
  • documentation, automation, etc.

The most interesting part was building the WebRTC client for the IoT device.

It may seem easy, but try to find at least one working solution for streaming video & audio from two cameras attached to a small IoT device, while receiving and playing incoming audio streams & data messages.

This area is completely taken by uv4l these days, which did not satisfy the requirements we had.

During my experiments I also wrote a native XMPP client for Jitsi rooms.

In this project I personally used Golang, TS (Angular), C (gstreamer), Bash, Python and other interesting things like XMPP in order to see how other solutions are functioning.

I really liked working on this one, because it was challenging and I was seeing other people suffering for years trying to solve the problem. I Hope we helped them :)

Time invested: < 2 months.

I was made with in Ukraine