GR as a Software engineer

git/sdk git/ui git/firmware | Gestures C/C++ OpenGL ML VR Research

Our team at Brainhub was working on a gesture recognition bracelet, a universal gesture capturing device with its open-source platform.

We made our PCB, wrote firmware and SDK for a real-time sensor data analysis and implemented algorithms for extracting phalanges position using accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope data.

My role

I was working with:

  • C++ for IMU data algorithms, position calculations and OpenGL visualization
  • Qt & imGui for UI
  • Unity for simulations
  • Kotlin for mobile applications

We've wrote our first visualization in 2017 and won 2nd prize on #BG10xEU hackaton trying to raise money for further research & development.

You can see GR's growth on

Time invested: > 2 years.

Old devices Vis

I was made with in Ukraine